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You were born to create is a series of NINE Art education courses designed by qualified and experienced teacher, Ingrid Lee (Bachelor of Education, Honours (Research), Master of Education (Research in creativity).

International award winning artist Ingrid Lee with her painting 

"Transcending the shadows, finding the light."

Ingrid Lee, 2013. Acrylic on canvas 153.5 x 91.5 cm

"I've turned all the heavy art theory into simple and workable activities which will get you thinking, drawing, painting and designing in new ways with paint on canvas, or porcelain or any medium."                    

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As artists or art teachers, there are times where we lose inspiration to paint

 or how to progress in our work, 

or inspire our students's NORMAL!

Have you ever been stuck in a creative box?

  Are you stuck for new ideas, or you're too scared to try something different?

Have you lost your inspiration to paint?

Like I said, it happened to me for 7 years while I juggled family and work. 

 Believe me, I understand, I've been there, I got very frustrated....

...but most importantly, I discovered how to create again with even more energy and success than before.

  Sound interesting?  Well, I have created a series of art courses called 

You were born to create

which will be the key to your creative success.

Have you ever thought...maybe I'm not just not that creative?

Well, I truly believe that we are all born to create, and the creative journey is a long and exciting adventure.

During any of my 9 courses, I'll teach you how to:

  • Shift your mindset and trust yourself
  • Expose your artistic flair
  • Develop a new creative process
  • Discover the most important gift you’ll ever need as an artist
  • Learn practical drawing and painting exercises to open your creative mind and get inspired
  • Apply these new skills and tools instantly to your own paintings and designs instantly and for the rest of your artistic life.

Designed for any style of painting, on porcelain, canvas, paper!

Maybe you're still not sure about whether these 9 courses about developing your art is for you?
Here are some FACTS about 
painting classes with Ingrid Lee 

I'll ask you LOTS of questions!!!


Are you ready to start your next journey as an artist?

Are you ready to unlock your creativity?

Break the rules?

Restore your creative self?

Change your colours habits?

Bend reality?

Venture into the unknown? 

I have designed this course You were born to create based on my own personal journey as international award winning artists, but also drawing on my extensive knowledge and qualified experience of 20 years of

  • painting professionally;
  • teaching and developing art curriculum in schools, my own gallery businesses, teaching studios and university;
  • academic research into creative learning;
  • consulting in creative strategies and thinking to private industry.



During each course I will guide you step by step in:

  • Choosing how to be creative
  • Understanding how to express yourself artisically, whether it is in painting or other artistic pursuits
  • Explore your thinking and technical skills as an artist
  • Develop the skills and know how to improve your art work and creativity


Sound interesting? Inspiring? Scary? Exciting?  

Well, it should, that’s what being creative is…even for a professional artist of nearly 20 years like myself!

See what Ingrid's students had to say about this course at the APAT education weekend


And there are also some FREE extras I’m giving you when you enrol in these seminars.

 ü  FREE access to my Masterclass+  Facebook group- exclusive VIP group to students who have participated in my masterclasses or seminars.  You can ask questions from me about your art work, share your progress, meet other artists in different mediums. 


ü  FREE 30 minute demonstration about something I’m working on or have recently painted for exhibition.  This is more like a specialised masterclass where I share some of my creative journey, and you’ll see how I create my work, the techniques I use and what I’m inspired by.


Remember, I travel to teach around Australia and Internationally

If you are the organiser of a painting association or you run an art studio anywhere in the world

AND you'd like your students to learn how to extend their creativity- contact me for instant information TODAY

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