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Have you ever wanted to create more realistic ribbon roses or bouquets of flowers?

Or sew and paint silk ribbon flowers which come to life on your embroidery hoop?

Maybe you've tried a range of techniques, but they just don't quite look right....

It's easy to achieve flowers like these roses and pansies, once you know the basic steps and my unique approach to creating my ribbon embroidery.

Step by step learning

My approach to teaching ribbon embroidery is

  • experience based 
  • step by step
  • hands on
  • easy to learn
  • practical
  • founded on formal art theory 

Here is an example of one of one of my student's embroideries,

 by Tatyana Samotishina, St Petersburg, Russia.

Want to know more?

Here are examples of classes which cover a range of experience levels of ribbon embroidery

Easy ribbon projects are specifically designed for beginners in silk ribbon embroidery.

  • Learn the basic techniques and stitches for ribbon embroidery
  • Step by step instructions
  • Simple pattern to achieve beautiful results

Advanced projects are specifically designed for experienced silk embroiderers

  • Learn a variety of advanced ribbon embroidery techniques to structure the shape of realistic flowers
  • Step by step approach
  • Learn how to correct mistakes when creating complex flowers
  • Understand how to layer flowers to create bouquets which are balanced in composition
  • Use paint to enhance your ribbon work realistic effects.

During each course I will guide you step by step in:

  • Simple and effective techniques for using silk to create life like petal and leaf shapes
  • Basic compositions and design elements necessary for realistic bouquets
  • Ribbon and needlework effects

Read more about Ingrid's silk ribbon embroidery

And there are also some FREE extras I’m giving you when you enrol in these seminars.

 ü  FREE access to my Masterclass+  Facebook group- exclusive VIP group to students who have participated in my masterclasses or seminars.  You can ask questions from me about your art work, share your progress, meet other artists in different mediums. 


ü  FREE 30 minute demonstration about something I’m working on or have recently painted for exhibition.  This is more like a specialised masterclass where I share some of my creative journey, and you’ll see how I create my work, the techniques I use and what I’m inspired by.


Remember, I travel to teach around Australia and Internationally

If you are the organiser of an embroidery association or 

you run an embroidery art shop 

AND you'd like your students to learn my ribbon embroidery techniques- contact me for instant information TODAY

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