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Master classes and seminars in modern porcelain and china painting with professional artist, Ingrid Lee. Since winning my first award at 18 years of age for porcelain painting, I have continued to pursue my passion for porcelain, developing my unique style and techniques for modern porcelain art.  Over the past 20 years I have developed my mastery of lustre painting, contemporary applications of traditional paste work and onglaze painting techniques which feature in all of my international exhibition and award winning art work. 

I am experienced in painting and teaching of master classes and courses on porcelain including flower painting, landscapes, abstract expressionism, realism and design.  

My courses are hands on, practical and founded on formal art theory.  Over the years, I have developed a method of teaching where all the heavy art theory has been turned into into simple and workable activities, resulting in new ways of painting and designing on porcelain and china.

I am available to teach around Australia and Internationally, to private groups or at commercial premises such as retail outlets, guilds, art schools or conventions; to speak publicly and demonstrate at art seminars and conventions.

Some masterclasses...

Porcelain painting classes with Ingrid Lee

What is it like to learn with Ingrid Lee?  What did the APAT president and students have to say?

Read the blog post here 

Watch the video

This was the course

Learn lustre painting with Ingrid Lee

Have you tried to paint with lustres, but achieved poor results?  Are you tired of wasting plates and expensive lustre paints? 

You're not feeling the love are you?

Would you like to learn how to love lustre painting and other mixed media techniques on porcelain?

There are 6 courses to choose from, and I know you will LOVE the results!

CLICK HERE for more info

         Check out what students had to say about
Ingrid's course at APAT porcelain painters education weekend retreat at Mittagong

Read the blog post here 

Watch the video

This was the course

Creativity development and design classes with Ingid Lee

Are you a porcelain artist or teacher? Are you stuck in a creative box?  You can't think of new ideas, or you're too scared to try? I've created a series of art courses called You were born to create, that will be the key to your creative success.

I've turned all the heavy art theory into simple and workable activities which will get you thinking, drawing, painting and designing in new ways on your porcelain and fine china.

CLICK HERE to FIND out how to apply your learning instantly to your art work AND for the rest of your art life.

NEW for 2014

Ingrid's Online Arts School

for Porcelain painting

Acrylic painting

Ribbon Embroidery


Are you interested in Private or Group demonstrations on Skype?

Contact me for more details

Not sure?  See what these people learned on skype here

Find out more about 

Ingrid's porcelain painting adventures