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Learn to love lustre painting is a series of SIX      art education courses designed by qualified and experienced teacher, Ingrid Lee (Bachelor of Education, Honours (Research), Master of Education (Research in creativity).

Each painting topic will show you Ingrid's unique ways to:



control and


 lustre paints and paste work.

AND successfully use gold and platinum as part of the design, not just a highlighter or embellishment.

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Learn to love lustre painting on porcelain with Ingrid Lee

Have you tried to paint with lustres on porcelain, but achieved poor results?  

Are you tired of wasting plates and expensive lustre paints?


You're not feeling the love are you?

Maybe you have tried painting with lustres....

dribbled some lustre on a plate and spattered it with some alcohol to give an effect...

added a dab of gold paint, and you created interesting modern effect.

BUT did you know that you can master the effects of lustres to be more than decoration?


Did you know that lustres can look like this?

Close view of orchids from Ingrid’s award winning porcelain painting at the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2012.

On facebook and blog comments, many of you have told me that you are too scared to use lustres in the unique way that I apply them.

Or you simply don't know how to express your ideas in a medium which can be difficult to control and master.


Rest assured, you can learn how to love lustre painting and get great results.


Here is another example on the possibilities of painting with lustres and other mixed media on porcelain


Nature of Orb Spiders, Ingrid Lee 2012. Lustre, paste work, burnishing gold and platinum on porcelain vase, recently exhibited at the Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2012.


So, I'll ask you....Are you ready to learn more about lustres and other contemporary porcelain techniques?

 Have you have ever wanted to push the boundaries of your creativity? 

Or understand how to take risks in your painting and designs?

 Or embrace the gift of failure as an artist?

 Do you want to learn my secrets on how to turn them into beautiful creations?

This is your first step to your new creative journey with lustre paints on porcelain.

             Please email me more information about Ingrid's SIX porcelain painting classes about Lustres                    

Send me the course details now 

Maybe you're still not sure about whether these 6 courses about lustres on porcelain are for you?

Here are some FACTS about lustre painting classes with Ingrid Lee 

What is Learn to love lustres all about?

Learn to Love lustres is:

  • experience based 
  • hands on
  • easy to learn
  • practical
  • founded on formal art theory.  

The best thing is....

I’ve turned all the heavy art theory into simple and workable activities which will get you:

  • thinking
  • drawing
  • painting and
  • designing in new ways. 

Most importantly... 

You can apply your learning instantly

 to your art work,

AND for the rest of your art life.

 In my classes and seminars, I'll teach you how to master lustres and other contemporary techniques like the ones I use on my award winning porcelain paintings. 

I know you will LOVE your lustre paintings

Lustre Poppies course LL03

Learn to love lustres is a comprehensive series of 6 porcelain painting courses

were I have brought together my extensive knowledge and qualified experience of 20 years of

  • painting professionally;
  • teaching and developing art curriculum in schools, my own gallery businesses, teaching studios and university;
  • academic research into creative learning;
  • consulting in creative strategies and thinking to private industry.

During these lustre masterclasses, you will

  • Learn the techniques on modernising vintage style designs

  • Find out how to plan your colours and understand firing temperatures for multi firing lustre work

  • Create contemporary paintings with a strong focus on design elements which can further develop at home.

  • Understand how to layer and blend lustres without burning the colours.        


Sound interesting? Inspiring? Scary? Exciting?  

Well, it should, that’s what being creative is…even for a professional artist of nearly 20 years like myself!

 Here is what some students who attended this seminar had to say, see pics here:

And there are also some FREE extras I’m giving you when you enrol in these seminars.

  • FREE access to my Masterclass+  Facebook group- exclusive VIP group to students who have participated in my masterclasses or seminars.  You can ask questions from me about your art work, share your progress, meet other artists in different mediums. 

  • FREE 30 minute demonstration about something I’m working on or have recently painted for exhibition.  This is more like a specialised masterclass where I share some of my creative journey, and you’ll see how I create my work, the techniques I use and what I’m inspired by.


Remember, I travel to teach around Australia and Internationally

If you are the organiser of a porcelain painting association or you run an art studio anywhere in the world

AND you'd like your students to Learn to Love lustres- contact me for instant information TODAY