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Ingrid Lee with some examples of her ribbon embroidery.

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Silk ribbon embroidery, and fabric art master classes with Ingrid Lee. 

Recently, silk ribbon embroidery has taken over a large area in my art studio, and it all started from a small piece of embroidery I completed for my daughter’s baptism gown.   After making this garment, I realised the sculptural potential of silk ribbon, and began to explore painting fabric backgrounds, like I would on porcelain, and sculpting realistic flower compositions from pure silk, and then painting those to add more dimension.  It is a medium I have been fascinated by since I saw a painting of Marie Antoinette’s gowns heavily adorned with silk roses. 

I have been embroidering and sewing with beads since a teenager, but my art work soon took prominence over creative pursuits for the next 20 years.   However, I paused all of that and started a family, and during this time I started to crochet again, sew and resume passion for fabric arts over the last 5 years.  My unique approach to ribbon embroidery combines my first love of painting, with the relaxing pursuit of silk ribbon embroidery.  I try to find as many different methods of integrating ribbon embroidery with other art forms, such as filling her hand painted porcelain shoes with cascades of silk ribbon flowers and beadwork. While I enjoy creating floral studies, I am starting to explore other types of fabric and experimenting with techniques to try abstract ideas with silk and organza and satin also…this is my relaxation!  However, any thing I create with, I learn from and apply to other mediums I paint with…I am always creating.

My latest ribbon art works involve hand painting bouquets in a watercolour or porcelain painting style as a background, and layering traditional embroidery and painted silk ribbon embroidery.

Over the past two years, my ribbon embroidery and has featured in popular websites including Di Van Niekerk’s blog,  as well as publications in Creative Vintage Charm Magazine, Crazy Quilters Spring Edition 2013, and “Lady” and another Russian embroidery magazine where her works were introduced to a Russian audience.  

I initially completed a few workshops and classes in ribbon embroidery to learn the basics, but it was my studies of ribbon embroidery with master embroiderer Valentina Razenkova in St Petersburg, Russia which helped me to develop a greater artistic understanding and method to ribbon embroidery. 

In 2012, while conducting my art exhibition in St Petersburg, I also shared my experiences of ribbon embroidery at the boutique Needlework Deluxe, sharing experiences and my unique approach to ribbon work.  I am available to teach master classes in ribbon embroidery in Australia and overseas.

Now, I am designing ribbon embroidery kits and original embroidery panel designs with the Russian company Needledelux, please read more about this project here.  

 I would like more information about ribbon embroidery masterclasses 

NEW ribbon embroidery master classes and demonstrations in Russia for 2014 

Congratulations to all of the ribbon embroidery students in St Petersburg Russia in 2012, at NeedleWork Deluxe. See you all again in 2014!

Ingrid Lee and one of her students,Tatiana (left) with her rococo inspired ribbon embroidery- it was beautiful work! 

Owner of embroidery boutique, Maria Shilina (right), who invited me to share my experiences in the Masterclasses in St Petersburg, is holding my class demonstration, which was presented as a gift. I had a wonderful time with all of my students who were very diligent and hardworking learners- a sheer pleasure to teach! 

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Ingrid has designed an exclusive range of fabric prints for embroidery and sewing

Read more about how Ingrid started designing fabric for a company in St Petersburg Russia, here.

embroidery prints by Ingrid Lee 

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 Create new colour schemes for old embroidery patterns, or learn to create your own embroidery design.  Courses in deisgning your own flower patterns available

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  • LIVE SKYPE demonstrations for ribbon embroidery in St Petersburg, Russia, throughout 2013.

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NEW for 2014

Ingrid's Online Arts School

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Ribbon Embroidery


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