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"Funny Valentine" Ingrid Lee, 2012, acrylic on canvas

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Does modern abstract or expressionist painting stir your soul?

Make you feel deeply?

Think differently?

Have you ever wanted to express your most inner feelings?

Make your personal expression through painting...and not have to worry about expressing it realistically?

Do you love bold colour and spontaneity?

Join a new journey of discovery in the art education series- Express your soul with paint.

I have created 2 streams of these art courses....

Which is for you?

Artists with experience

You are experienced with painting, but you want to expand and express yourself in new ways.  

In this series of courses you will

  • Explore the masters of expressionism in light of relevant art theory
  • Learn how to use acrylic painting techniques to communicate your ideas, mood and feelings effectively
  • Explore a range of techniques to stimulate muse, quieten the mind to  channel your focus for expressionist painting
  • Develop your own unique style of expressionist painting

Art enthusiasts

You love art but you have with little or no technical painting experience

but you want to express yourself with paint.

In this series of courses you will

  • Learn easy, step by step techniques with acrylic paints to express your inner feelings
  • Explore a range of techniques to quieten your mind, connect within yourself and allow your expression to flow onto the canvas

Have you thought about whether it's possible to change your thinking and techniques easily and successfully?

The answer is YES!

While I paint in realist style and other techiniques, I found that they limited what I wanted to say. 

So my journey began in finding a method of expression which worked for me, and opened my creativity.

This process of creating involved many influences and experiences including travelling to galleries locally and overseas to work with artists, and get inspiration and muse as I pursued my artistic soul.....


Here I am Erata Gallery in St Petersburg 2012, researching modern art- more about the art work this study trip inspired


And now I'm sharing this opportunity to work with me and learn my techniques on expressing yourself through paint.

Never painted before? 

Maybe you think you can't paint well enough?

Well, even if you have never painted before...

in a one day workshop, you could create something like this:

One of my student's works (not much painting experience) using acrylic paint, paste work, sgraffito techniques and metallic pigments.  Her painting was exploring the pain of being in relationship of broken trust.

You too can express yourself like this, with paint, even if you've never painted before, because you are bringing the most important element to your canvas...your passion

Next, learn the techniques...

Want more info?

In my courses I will share with you my 20 years of developing my unique style and approaches to 

  • painting professionally;
  • teaching and developing art curriculum in schools, my own gallery businesses, teaching studios and university;
  • academic research into creative learning;
  • consulting in creative strategies and thinking to private industry;
  • painting with acrylic paints and methods of developing creativity.

My exhibition of abstract expressionist paintings in St Petersburg, Russia (Read more here)

Are you ready to Express you soul with paint?

Paint emotional ladnscapes?

Contact us now for more details